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PUBS around Edinburgh

The Oxford Bar

8 Young Street, Edinburgh, Midlothian EH2 4JB – 0131 539 7119

Good drink, good food, fast service. The selections of ales is pretty large, which is good as I like beer. It's best to attempt to get a table though as there isn't really much standing space in the bar area. Staff having to squeeze past you constantly if you're in a bigger group.

An understated, old fashioned Edinburgh pub, though close to George Street this is a million miles away from the slick and somewhat soulless experience of those hostelries. The welcoming staff serve a small but very well chosen range of single malts from behind the bar, your standard beers and cider with 2-3 guest beers on tap. The Oxford comes into its own on a six nations weekend with a lively, friendly atmosphere and fans mixing happily.

The Tron

9 Hunter Square, Edinburgh EH1 1QW – 0131 225 3784

During the great fire of Edinburgh, the wooden dutch steeple of the Tron caught fire, and the lead roof melted and ran down the street in streams. Middle class tourists came up to watch the poor town burn. Sir Walter Scott, the JK Rowling of his day, looked on and remarked 'Eh sirs, mony a weary, weary sermon have I heard beneath that steeple!', and then it came crashing down, his heart must have danced. Today it's an occasional bar, often with a band playing. There's a wonderful mural of the 1745 Jacobite rising capturing the city, the high spirits of the Highlander conquerors distracting from the baltic chill, otherwise known as 'atmosphere'. Wear a hat, or icicles will grow from your bangs. It's height and squashed width give it a strange ambiance. Here's a little factoid. It's only half a church. The other half was demolished for South Bridge.

Tron. Serves it's purpose - cheap drinks and food. If it's the end of the month, just before pay day and you need a cheap light refreshment and standard "ok" pub grub then come along! Primarily a student venue (I felt pretty old hangin out here), current cheesy pop tunes on the boombox and cosy seating in the wee rooms off the main bar area downstairs. If you are lucky enough to have a student card you can apply for a discount card, offering money off drinks, offers vary depending on the day of the week. Location is central and everyone knows where it is, I find myself using The Tron as a navigational way of describing where things are. Tip: Girls, mind yourself going down the stairs to the toilets in big heels! It's steep and mind yer head!... Or maybe that's just me after a few to many drinkies?!

Kays Bar

Jamaica Street West, Edinburgh, Midlothian EH3 6HF – 0131 225 1858

Excellent cozy pub with real ale and authentic setting - great atmosphere and no music

Yes it's pricy and the punters are a bit yah yah types but it serves the best kept beers in Edinburgh

Restaurants with the Granton (Edinburgh) area

All Restaurants

The Witchery by the Castle

Castlehill, The Royal Mile, Edinburgh EH1 2NF – 0131 225 5613

Aside from the great atmosphere they also have great food and services that is so cost-effective. I brought my Mom here last month for a date and she said that that was one of the best romantic gift that she has ever received. I am so glad I did that.

The Witchery by the castle - Secret Garden: My personal recommendation; The Lamb Wellington, a pastry baked lamb loin stuffed with wild mushroom and chicken mousse wrapped in Seranno ham. Smoked aubergine pureé, served up with spring greens is just party central in the mouth! It was so good I wanted a second helping but at £60, I thought I would leave room for the dessert that promised to have me licking the plate too. There is also a set menu as well that wont have your bank manager calling to check if all your marbles are still in tact. I was also brave enough to try the Haggis - forgetting for a moment what its really made of. The food was flavourful with fine wine from a weighty book of world class wines. The service is great, but because it's so popular the tables have a 2 hour limit.

Le Monde Hotel

16 George St, Edinburgh EH2 2PF – 0131 270 3900

Negatives: drinks are very expensive, and the food service is very slow. I suspect the service failings were due more to management rather than waiting staff. The earpieces the waiting staff use to communicate with the kitchen are hilarious - the service is still slow, and all they do is prevent the staff from hearing customers when they want attention, so the customer has to yell! Facepalm. Positives: good food, decent selection, very nice atmosphere in the outside conservatory-type room (early September). The waiting staff were at least polite and apologetic.

Have stayed here previously in Cairo, Tokyo and Dublin. All of which were fantastic. The food that I've eaten here has also been amazing, in particular the smoked venison. Cocktails also rank highly on the list, each one I have tried has been superb. They used to do a deal a few years ago on a Sunday which I sorely miss as a little treat every now and again.

The Kitchin

78 Commercial Quay, Edinburgh EH6 6LX – 0131 555 1755

I wanted to love The Kitchin, and I'm sure to go back and give it another chance, but our first visit was just too mixed to thoroughly enjoy. The food was excellent, easily five stars, but out experience surrounding said food was lackluster. It seemed like we were there on a particularly busy and backed-up night. We had to wait for our table, in the crowded bar where no one bothered to come take our drink order. Once we were at our table, the service was better, but we still spent the evening feeling like an afterthought (which is not how you want to feel when you're spending a good bit of money on a birthday dinner you had to book months in advance). We weren't even offered the tasting menu, I suppose because they were running so far behind on the evening (I didn't bother to ask, because after waiting for our table I wasn't sure I even wanted a long meal anymore). Like I said, the food itself was delicious, but it wasn't enough to make up for the neglectful treatment. I hope our experience this night was the exception and not the rule.

Unbelievably good food! We went for the 3 course lunch meal and it was great value - only £30! They serve you crispy breads with a dip and a lovely small course in-between your 3 courses - it's nice to have those freebie touches! Tip 1: Book in advance Tip 2: If you're a chocolate fan go for the soufflé - its full of dark chocolate and comes with chocolate ice cream. We also saw Tom Kitchin as it's an open kitchen so diners can see the chefs cooking - Score!!

Chinese Restaurants

Chop Chop Haymarket

248 Morrison Street, Edinburgh, Midlothian EH3 8DT – 0131 221 1155

Everyone in Edinburgh knows that if you want dumplings you go to Chop Chop. Gordon Ramsay knows this. You will probably know this. ...but have you been to Chop Chop recently? I hadn’t. Embarrassingly I probably last visited Chop Chop right after they appeared on the F Word back in 2009. It turns out that I had forgotten what Chop Chop is all about - and that is much more than just dumplings; Chop Chop is all about banqueting to be precise… and not in a help yourself under hot lights buffet kind of way. Instead Chop Chop focus on the Chinese style of serving where you order collectively and share all dishes, which are brought to the table in random order as soon as they are ready. The best part of the banquet is that it is unlimited - like a dish? just ask for more. For £20.50 a head that is a bargain. So, my verdict? Don’t expect fine dining. Don’t expect a glamorous interior - this is casual dining and the restaurant space is showing its age. Go with a big crowd. Go to the new Glasgow restaurant when it opens on Mitchell Street (i'm hearing great things). Go for good, simple food, go for the dumplings, go for the lamb, go for proper Chinese food. Without having to eat chicken feet.

I love Chop Chop. I'll say that first. I know it isn't perfect but the dumplings are delicious (particularly beef and chilli fried dumplings), the noodles are divine (silk in a bowl) and the selection of dishes covers both the standard "UK/Chinese restaurant" fare as well as more unusual dishes. The only very minor gripe is that the prices have gone up and the dishes got smaller, but that's pretty minor to be honest.

Karens Unicorn Chinese Restaurant Edinburgh

8b New town Abercromby Place, Edinburgh, Midlothian EH3 6LB – 0131 556 6333

This has to be the best Chinese takeaway in Edinburgh, if not Scotland, and if not Britain! I'm a big fan of Chinese food, and have sampled a wide range. This is definitely in the top 1%. I usually order for pick-up, but delivery has always been prompt when I've used it. Food always delicious and piping hot. I would recommend the lemon chicken, very nice!

This restaurant is good but not exceptional. I think it gets undeservedly high reviews for things that are superficial. The cooking is of good quality, neat, not padded with salad or sauces. Good ingredientes, but some dishes salty or a little heavy. Food has some character and is not bland/generic. Relatively small menu, which is good. Many vegetarian options. Good food but not great. Certainly not excellent. The decor is a mistake in design. Looks like an 80s disco with dinner tables, easy listening, mix of east and west utensils. Staff are overly attentive and excessively polite but seem inexperienced. Yeah whatever. I prefer the plain and super-efficient style of Chinese.

Rendezvous Chinese Restaurant

10a Queensferry Street, Edinburgh EH2 4PG – 0131 225 2023

This is a nice Chinese restaurant in the west end of the city centre. The menu offers the standard Chinese options however it is cooked superbly with fresh ingredients. The food was not greasy at all and there was plenty of it. The decoration inside is lovely and cosy and the staff are very friendly. The takeaway service is also very good we only had to wait 20 minutes before we could pick up our order. I would highly recommend trying this Chinese in particular the honey ribs and shredded chilli chicken .

I ate here last night with my father for the first time this year - the food was as excellent as always but the decor is now amazing. This was the first time I'd ate here since refurbishment and it must be said how great the restaurant looks now. The new private dining area is a nice touch and perfect for special occasions - be sure to book in advance though. The food was as great as ever. Particular highlights were the shredded duck, spare ribs and my personal favourite sweet and sour chicken. The staff couldn't have been more helpful even when rushed of their feet. The menu states they are "the oldest Chinese restaurant in Edinburgh". They should change that to "the oldest and BEST Chinese restaurant in Edinburgh". You should try it for yourself.

Indian Restaurants and takeaways

Britannia Spice Indian Restaurant

150 Commercial Street, Ocean Drive, Edinburgh EH6 6LB – 0131 555 2255

Ended up here for a work meal out. Nice curry and very friendly service. Just a short walk to a number of nice Leith bars.

Britannia Spice is a lovely restaurant with superb surroundings. Nice welcome along with prompt service. The menu is big and varied depending on how hungry you are. Wine list is also first class. My favourite is chicken biryani and can't wait to go back and have it again. Please don't be in a great hurry as all food is cooked from scratch and well worth waiting for.

Mother India's Cafe

3-5 Infirmary Street, Old Town, Edinburgh EH1 1LT – 0131 524 9801

A really fun place to go eat in medium sized groups. The size of the tapas are enough that they can be shared and allow you to try many things on the menu. I highly recommend it.

Food is presented in a tapas style format so excellent for trying different dishes and sharing which was great. Found myself struggling to find dishes that I would like on the menu but the food that came was superb. Very busy so recommended to book a table. As it was so busy the service was slightly lacking but it made for a good atmosphere in the restaurant. Perhaps more than you'll usually pay for an Indian restaurant but the different tapas style format and great food make it one of the best Indian restaurants in Edinburgh.

Indian Cavalry Club

22 Coates Crescent, Edinburgh, Midlothian EH3 7AF – 0131 220 0138

me Robert 30 years a go it was very wonderful me and big brother David my pal David not bean far can not wait for smooth food ruining down the mouth and i be back next week Saturday but me David Roberts pal i can not wait i wait it be the best in the city of Scotland and the world

Great restaurant, went for the first time this week with my wife and son. Great food and the service brilliant. an overall great experience. Will be visiting again

Italian Pasta and Pizza Restaurants

Gusto Edinburgh

135 George Street, Edinburgh, Midlothian EH2 4JS – 0131 225 2555

Awesome experience. Fantastic food. Our waiter was very confident with the menu and offered recommendations freely, but never in a pushy way. The environment was also great. They can accommodate both couples, and large parties (I think my wife and I saw a table of almost 40 people seated on our way out). Should also mention their steaks are cooked perfectly to order.

Went here for a birthday meal, really nice food and the staff were so nice and helpful. Such a great design and feel to the place.

Amarone Edinburgh

12-13 Saint Andrew Square, Edinburgh EH2 2AF – 0131 523 1171

We came here for a work leaving do and the place was great fun - busy, friendly and noisy. We were a group of 12 and it was nice not to feel that we were disturbing other customers, but just contributing to everyone having a good time. The food was authentic Italian at a reasonable price, and the wine was fine. So good was it that I came back for brunch with a friend the following weekend. The full English was good value for George Street at £9 all in and seemed to be really nice quality meat.

Great atmosphere at Italian restaurant in the centre of Edinburgh. Very large restaurant and always fill so must be a good sign. Options are standard for an Italian restaurant but food is delicious. Service is great.

Vittoria Restaurant

113 Brunswick Street, Edinburgh, Midlothian EH7 5HR – 0131 556 6171

My favourite Italian in Edinburgh. Atmosphere in the place is great and the waiters/waitresses are what makes this restaurant what it is. Always accommodating with great sense of humour. Great restaurant for a relaxed, chilled out Italian meal. Food is delicious. Strange layout as there are several seating areas so ask for a good table.

Easily my Italian favourite restaurant in town, friendly attentive waiting staff, warm friendly welcoming atmosphere, and excellent well-prepared delicious food. The Tortellini and the Deluxe Pizza are two which I go back to time and time again, which is almost a shame given there's so much good food on the menu. If you like Italian food, I'd recommend this place.

Vegetarian or Vegan Restaurants


94 Hanover Street, Edinburgh, City of Edinburgh EH2 1DR – 0131 225 2131

For the health conscious, vegetarians and vegans, Hendersons is a deli/restaurant that offers healthy eating options that would suit all dietary requirements (except if you're carnivore). You enter the main door into the cafe part of the restaurant and can then be seated in the lounge area where live music is occasionally played. Everything from ingredients used in the dishes to the drinks you're served (Fentiman's or freshly squeezed juice) are naturally sourced or organic where possible. It was my first time dining at Hendersons and unfortunately, I couldn't say that I was too impressed with their menu selection. For main courses, you had a choice of 5 dishes in total. Usually when I peruse a menu, I have a hard time choosing between (usually) 2 or 3 dishes...at Hendersons I was struggling to even choose one. What was disappointing was the fact that the one dessert I was looking forward to (cherry pie) was sold out and I was left without much of an option and I felt pressured (by a member of waiting staff who was impatiently waiting for me to choose something else) into ordering the berry compote which was too sour and I couldn't enjoy even a spoonful of before abandoning it - anyone who knows me will tell you I absolutely loath wasting/leaving any food. We visited with the OH's mum who ordered the ginger creme brulee and felt it had too much of a zing from the ginger to really enjoy the creamy taste of the creme brulee.

The ambience is pleasant and the food is good. However, the portion sizes seem to shrink each time I go there. If the side plates for salads get any smaller, they will fit into a doll's house. The helping I had of cherry pie, costing around £4.50, was tiny. If you have a healthy appetite, I wouldn't recommend this place. Definitely not good value for money.

David Bann Restaurant

56-58 Saint Mary's Street, Edinburgh EH1 1SX – 0131 556 5888

We were given a voucher for this restaurant as a wedding gift by some vegetarian friends. My meat loving husband was a little sceptical but proclaimed it 'one of the best meals he's ever eaten'. Top notch vegetarian and vegan food. Friendly staff and a lovely atmosphere.

This became my favorite restaurant in Edinburgh on my very first visit. Everything I've tried here has been delicious. I love creative vegetarian cuisine, and David Bann does it right. The menu is short, but changes a little from season to season. In winter, my favorite dishes are the jeruselem artichoke and celeriac puff pastry and the beetroot, apple and blue cheese pudding. The atmosphere is relaxed but elegant, and the service has always been friendly.


2-3 Saint Patrick Square, Edinburgh, Midlothian EH8 9EZ – 0131 667 9890

Great food. Lunchtime buffet - excellent quality and great value.

Distinctly average... Nothing to complain about, but nothing to shout about either.

Wine Bars and Cocktail Bars

The Newsroom Bar & Eatery

5-11 Leith Street, Edinburgh, Midlothian EH1 3AT – 0131 557 5830

This is a great bar for after work drinks, not too fussy and drinks are reasonable for near the centre of town. Nice chilled vibe and the decor is very cool. In summer it's great with the windows open wide, except when the traffic stalls by your table for too long. Cocktail menu is good and the wine and beer selection is fair. Haven't eaten there but have heard good things. The toilet cubicles are tiny though - why do planners do that??

This bar is in a great location. I can never work it out though, I feel like I only ever come here because of convenience and am usually quite pleasantly surprised. I don't particularly like the atmosphere, it is trying to be quite grand and posh I think. The cocktails are nice but I remember drinks in general being quite expensive. I would never and have never chosen to come here but when I do it's okay.


15 Charlotte Lane, Edinburgh, Midlothian EH2 4QZ – 0131 225 6060

was here on friday and the barman actually stopped serving us half way through. he gave us a diet coke and then walked away - served various other people and started making up table orders before (17mins later) realising we'd been stood in front of him for a while he asked if we needed served... we told him he hadn't finished giving us our drinks and he lied that he'd 'asked someone else to make it', then proceeded to make them and give us them for free (his manager was watching our encounter) because 'he'd forgotten to serve us' it was all a bit Bizarre!! the staff are all very hipster, the clientele (on a friday at least) are more white collar. we often reserve the private room for work leaving/hen do's and the food is reasonably priced and enough variety to satisfy everyone's tastes. i recommend the starters/sides (i would rather have 2/3 than a main) and alcoholic milkshakes make a nice change from the extensive cocktail menu!

Sygn is a popular cocktail bar in the west end of Edinburgh. We went on a Friday night after work and it was already busy, most of the tables were reserved however it was a nice evening so we got a table outside. The cocktail menu is great, very inspiring and difficult to choose! There is a £5 menu as well a the regular cocktail menu which start at about £7.50. I had a mango cocktail and it was lovely, it does take a little longer to get served however that is to be expected when the bar tenders are making so many cocktails. I did not try the food however it looked good, I don't think I would rush to specifically eat there but next time we may get some sharers or nibbles with the cocktails. The staff were friendly and knowledgeable about the menu, the bar tenders knew a few tricks too.

Whiski Rooms

4-7 North Bank Street, Edinburgh EH1 2LP – 0131 225 7224

The food was great! The service was good. I had a burger and it was really good and easy to eat Great dish!

Lovely view and atmosphere in here, the food is good and a good selection, but a little pricy even for central edinburgh. Drinks wise there is a fantastic selection, with some fabulous beers, but the standard whiskies are not value for money and priced quite high, so go for something a bit more adventurous as the pricing is much more value for money